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Hello there Beautiful! 
If you've stumbled on this site or (more accurately) clicked on the link, let me be the first to tell you, WELCOME! I'm so glad you're here. The so-called "experts" claim that leisure reading has rapidly declined in the last few decades so thank you for "bucking the tide" so to speak. My name is Demetra, but please, feel free to call me Dee. I am the grateful, albeit at times, overwhelmed and under seiged owner of a women's online boutique called "My Naava Soul". Trust me, it's more than just a catchy name. 
In addition to operating My Naava Soul, I am also a trauma therapist tasked with helping hurting people navigate through difficult circumstances. Honestly, I consider myself beyond blessed to walk hand in hand with others through the tunnels of darkness to get to their light. 
I'm 53 years young and with the wind of the first half century of my being to my back, I'm just getting started. I know what you're thinking: is there anything this five foot barely an inch "shero" can't do??? Hmmm, well....watching me attempt a Yurchencho would be brutal to both your eyes and my joints! That's a move named after a world famous gymnast, Natalie Yurchencho, in case you were wondering. But enough about me, let's get this party started! 
I'm often asked how/why I chose the name "My Naava Soul". In Hebrew, Naava means beautiful. Unfortunately, society has distorted the meaning of the word beautiful and it's become synonymous with something or someone who pleases the senses aesthetically. But, think about it for a moment. Isn't that kinda narrow in its meaning? Seriously, if beauty has as it's base a requirement of appeal to others, most of us would fall short. I know I would! Now me?? I believe the onus of beauty lies in its relation to value. Let me explain. Another, less often mentioned definition of beauty is "something of high standard or value". The time, care and effort put into something determines it's beauty from that vantage point. Our actions determine beauty, the value we assign determines beauty. You are beautiful. I am beautiful. Life, with all its ups and downs and circling round, is beautiful. 
In my humble opinion, the soul is that intangible part of each of us that can often be touched, yet never seen by any other than the Creator. Life and circumstances and people and love and hate can all pierce the soul. Guess what else can? Beauty. Beauty can pierce the soul, leaving an imprint that forever changes you and those around you. Since I love beauty in all its forms in nature, people and especially fashion, my eyes and ears are always on high alert to sniff out all of the beauty that life has to offer. You wanna know what I ran dab smack into??? Rules!! What I refer to as "manufactured beauty" is steeped in rules, especially in fashion. There's this season for that......and that season for this. We look to the "experts" to tell us what's beautiful, who's beautiful, how, when and even why it's beautiful! And while all of that serves a purpose, it can be exhausting. What?? I really can't wear white in November?? Will I be jailed until spring?? Then I had an epiphany: Dee, create a space that empowers women to define their own kind of beautiful! 
Being your own kind of beautiful isn't about reinventing the wheel. It's touching the wheel, letting the wheel know you were there, leaving your mark on the wheel. Expressing your beauty is more about impacting the motion of the wheel than it is disregarding the wheel altogether. At the end of the day, it's understanding that the brilliance of beauty only diminishes the darkness, not others. In this way, beauty is both personal and communal. The level of beauty I assign to myself, my life, my character is directly connected to my capacity to see and celebrate yours. 
So...the question is...
What imprint has your beauty left on others and the world around you? 

  • My Naava Soul on

    Thanks so much Jenny!!! I count it a privilege that we get to do ministry together❤

  • Jenny on

    Love this, Dee!
    Love how God uses YOU in so many ways!
    Love that I get to call you my friend and sister in Christ!

  • My Naava Soul on

    Thank you Nicole Jackson and yes we are our sister’s keeper!!

  • Nicole Jackson on

    What a wonderful enlightening article! I believe that true beauty makes everything around it beautiful, it’s like a God given highlighter we’ve been given to help others see the beauty within them beneath all the layers and labels life places on us! I have an organization called Girl Talk and my prayer is that my imprint is one of encouragement and empowerment. I am my sister’s keeper!

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